Release Notes

 6.0.0 Release Notes ==================================================

* Built with Xilinx Vivado 2017.2 and Quartus standard 17.0

* Added official support for AC-520. For AC-520, the user is
required to use Quartus Pro 17.0.

* Supported OS: RHEL 6.5 or higher, RHEL 7, Ubuntu 14.04 and
Ubuntu 16.04.

* Upgraded DMA to PCIe Gen3 x8. User may need to change the
flash image and power cycle the machine to link at Gen3 speed.

* Added 512-bit AXI interface for HMC. Included example design

* Upgraded User Guide documentation, HMC documentation.

* Inlcuded HMC release with Pico Framework release. Included
HMC simulation BFM.

* Fixed zero GUPS.

Known issues:

* Driver failed to compile in Linux kernel 4.8 due to API
change. Solution: Upgrade kernel to kernel 4.10.

* The AC-520 HMC link is running at 12.5 Gbps for this release
and will be upgraded to 15Gbps in future release.

* The HMC bring-up code will bring up 2 links. We provided
source for 4 link, so user can change them manually.

* Purty does not load tgz file and this feature will be added
in future release.


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    When running purty:

    ../src/gtk/window.cpp(4754):assert "sb" failed in SetScrollbar(): this window is not scrollable



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    Iñaki Ormaetxea

    We've got the same problem.

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