Known Issues

  • Some GUPS modules may report zero GUPS after changing gups_setup parameters
  • Two different Altera modules cannot be used in the same system, eg an M-506 cannot be used with an SB-801
  • SWSIM  supports a max of 16 streams. In hardware you can use 32 streams.
  • Must build Xilinx based designs using Vivado 2015.2
  • Purty may display Temperature and Board location information improperly.
  • PicoBus reads occasionally return a bad FPGA sequence error. Solution is to power cycle the system and run the application again.
  • AC506 - DDR3 interconnect is very close to not meeting timing.
  • Users should avoid using PicoBus addresses 0XFFD00000 - 0XFFF00000 
  • MultiStream sample design with NUM_CARDS=1 may hang.  Run with 2 or more cards.

On some systems that have an older version of picocomputing-x.x.x.x installed, after installing picocomputing- some old kernel parameters remain leading to a kernel crash and a hung terminal when running a pico application.  The fix is the following:


  1. Need root access

  2. cd /etc/default

  3. Edit the file named grub

  4. Remove all old lines contaiing GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX

  5. Add a new line: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="pcie_aspm=off"

  6. Save the file then reboot the system


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