Release Notes

Changes in the picocomputing_5.5.0.0 release:

1. GetBytesAvailable now works for the AC-510 module
2. Fixed TieStream function, MultiStream design now works for NUM_CARDS>=2
3. Updated PLX switch EEPROM to turn on hotplug on EX700/EX750
4. Added pcie_aspm=off parameter to grub
5. Modified driver to allocate Spartan 6 to a higher minor range so multiple Spartan 6 device won't occupy lower range pico devices
6. Added SpeedTest software code in the release
7. Software simulation is support on all sample designs
8. This release was tested on Ubuntu 14.04.2. If you are attempting to use another OS make sure pcie_aspm=off is added to grub when the kernel boots.



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