Release Notes

= 6.1 Release Notes ==================================================

* picocomputing_6.1.0.14 and picocomputing_6.1.0.15 have been replaced with picocomputing_6.1.0.19, which fixes bugs that could cause some systems to hang.  If you have an older release and have experienced a problem please upgrade to picocomputing_6.1.0.19_all.deb or picocomputing-

* Built with Xilinx Vivado 2017.2 and Quartus standard 17.0

* Supported vendor tools: Vivado 2017.2, 2017.3, 2017.4, and Quartus
  Pro,, Quartus Prime Pro is
  required to build AC-520 project.

* Supported OS: Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 6.5 or higher

* Added experimental support for AC-511 VU7P and VU9P. The programming
  method is using tgz file. The non-project mode will produce tgz file
  directly. The tgz packing script "$PICOBASE/bin/"
  is provided to convert traditional bistream to tgz file. When
  converting, make sure PICOBASE and Xilinx tools are set.

* HMC bring-up procedure is running in FPGA. The HMC should be
  automatically brought up right after the FPGA is programmed. By
  changing number of links in fwproj file, user can instantiate any
  number of HMC link and the bring-up procedure will bring up
  corresponding links.

* Upgraded 520 HMC link to 15Gbps. The default build will instantiate
  all 4 links.

* Improved HMC performance.

* Upgraded User Guide documentation, HMC documentation.

Known issues:

* Driver failed to compile in Linux kernel 4.8 due to API
change. Solution: Upgrade kernel to kernel 4.10.

* Purty does not load tgz file and this feature will be added
in future release.



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