Release Notes

= 6.2 Release Notes ==================================================

* Built with Xilinx Vivado 2017.4 and Quartus standard 17.0

* Supported vendor tools: Vivado 2017.4, 2018.3, and Quartus
Prime Pro Quartus Prime Pro is
required to build AC-520 project.

* Supported OS: Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 6.5 or higher

* Added support for SB-851/SB-852 VU9P. The programming
method is using tgz file. The non-project mode will produce tgz file
directly. The tgz packing script "$PICOBASE/bin/package-flash.tcl"
is provided to generate flash image and package to tgz file. When
generating, make sure PICOBASE and Xilinx tools are set.

* SB-852 supports RDIMM with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

* Added PCIe Gen3x16 interface option for SB81 & SB852. Note, by
default these interfaces are Gen3x8. To change to Gen3x16, modify
the firmware makefile, "$PICOBASE/firmware/Makefile" by setting
PCIE=GEN3x16 underneath either the SB851 and/or the SB852 section.
Gen3x16 will be made the default in a future release.

* Improved compatibility with newer CPUs.

* Improved DMA performance between host and FPGA.

* Fixed M510 intermittent PCIe link problem.

* Removed support for M505 and M506.

* Software Simulation is tested with Modelsim Questa 10.6b

Known issues:

* MultiStream application hangs on some systems.
* In rare instances an AC511 packaged bitstream file (TGZ) generated
by causes RunBitFile API to error out. It is
because of an invalid character in the filename. Current workaround
is to change the name of the source bitfile, then re-run script to generate a new TGZ file.
* Purty does not load TGZ file and this feature will be added
in future release.
* Software Simulation fails on the SB-851 and SB-851 when using
Modelsim questa 10.3a. Use Modelsim questa 10.6b or later. In order
to use software simulation on any design that includes the qspi flash
controller the Xilinx unisim libraries are used. The qspi_flash
controller is used on the SB-851 and SB-852 and any design that has
ENABLE_QSPI_FLASH=y set in the .fwproj file.
To run software simulation on these designs, the vsim command line
must include 'work.glbl' for some components to be found. Adding
work.glbl to the vsim command line breaks software simulation on
other designs that do not use the qspi flash controller so it is not
included by default.
To run software simulation on designs that include the qspi flash
controller edit the file: $PICOBASE/software/source/pico_drv_swsim.cpp
and un-comment out "work.glbl" in line 333 so that it is included in
the vsim command line.
For the SB-851 and SB-852 line 333 should look like:
"work.glbl", /* include this line for simulating the
qspi flash_ctl design with xilinx unisims */
For all other modules and designs line 333 should look like:
/* "work.glbl", */ /* include this line for simulating the
qspi flash_ctl design with xilinx unisims */
In addition the XILINX_VIVADO environment variable must be set and
point to a directory that contains


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